Blast From The Past: Kellie Paulsen’s 2011 Musical & 2016 Magazine Work

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Before moving to The Community School, Kellie Paulsen studied at another Spokane Public School – North Central High School. The four-year public high school is located in District 81 and is notable for theater department productions with student-made sets. In 2011, Kellie ushered “The Doll Shop”, a massive, student-written musical reflecting society.

The show was about classic dolls like Raggedy Ann (Allison Ruster) and Raggedy Andy AKA Bandy (Dustin Roberts) that were being taken out by the newer action figure dolls led by the evil new Barbie, Electronica (Brianna Butler).

When interviewed about the musical – years before “Evelyn Claire” came into existence – Kellie said audience members “would come up to me and tell me that they were amazed with the sheer size of the cast”.

Famously known for having deep passion for art and design, Kellie also got an opportunity to do some hair and makeup work on model Madison Welliver (right) for a 2016 magazine: Kellie Paulsen Magazine