Stoned Evelyn Claire Violates NDA, Spoils “Euphoria” Appearance

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Evelyn Claire has violated a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) on a live Twitch stream – which has since been deleted – and, under the influence of marijuana, revealed filming an upcoming appearance on HBO’s “Euphoria”.

Evelyn Claire Euphoria

Produced by A24, DreamCrew, Little Lamb and The Reasonable Bunch, “Euphoria” is currently filming multiple Season 2 episodes on-location in Los Angeles, with Evelyn Claire (Kellie Paulsen) hired as one of the extras to occasionally appear in the background.

Under her “Dare Claire Corp” California “company” (C4547320), used for tax purposes as a “performing artist”, Paulsen has been on-set numerous times this past week, filming scenes and revealing information about the scenes online, violating an agreement with the agency and then deleting the stream.

She revealed, among other information, filming scenes where both males and females are ‘having a good time’, as well as scenes that featured a fog machine on set – a device used to simulate smoke. The inclusion of the device granted the extras a higher fee vs. normal filming.

Starring Zendaya, Euphoria has been renewed for this second season back in July 2019, but has only resumed production in April due to COVID-19 delays.

The second season is expected to premiere in late 2021 or early 2022, but no official date has been announced.