Evelyn Claire Betrays Adriana Chechik, Forces Her To Cover Over $4,000 Of Expenses

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Evelyn Claire has shown extreme ungratefulness to Adriana Chechik during a vacation on Costa Rica – one that Adriana initiated for Evelyn’s birthday. This, in addition to generally acting immature and becoming offended from every small thing during the trip.

Evelyn Claire Betrays Adriana Chechik

Despite the fact that Adriana is the reason Evelyn Claire has a career on multiple platforms – promoting her on Twitch and allowing her to shoot content with her – Evelyn retracted a pre-made agreement with Adriana to split the expenses fifty-fifty, and announced the retraction “on the spot” during checkout – telling Adriana that she’ll pay her back in Los Angeles.

The move forced Adriana to pay over $4,000 of Evelyn’s expenses, hoping that Evelyn keeps her word and eventually pays her back. To escalate things further, Evelyn took things public and shared “having to pay Adriana back” on a stream from Costa Rica, asking fans for digital donations that will help her fund the money owed, while playing the victim card and trying to attract sympathy while making Adriana look like the ‘bad guy’ in the story – a completely disrespectful behavior and disregard towards Adriana’s feelings.

At time of publishing, the two are still in Costa Rica, but each one is on her own and they are no longer sleeping under the same roof.