Evelyn Claire Deletes 6-Year-Old Tweet Over Kellie Paulsen Reply

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Evelyn Claire has deleted yet another tweet. After the Evelyn Claire Encyclopedia account diverted her attention to a reply she received 6 years ago, Evelyn rushed to wipe the original post. In 2015, such replies to Evelyn were considered extremely rare. The incident took place in April of that year – the same month Evelyn initially began her adult career.

In the tweet, archived here, Evelyn announced her then-first HD availability for webcam streaming, merely stating: “Evelyn in HD is here!”. Twitter user Charlie Marno replied: “Great to hear you’re not a blur anymore, Kellie”.

Kellie Paulsen Nail Tweet
Twitter user Charlie Marno addresses Evelyn Claire as Kellie

Early this Thursday, Charlie’s tweet was quote-retweeted with a comment saying: “If COVID-19 was a tweet secretly introduced into the world many years ago without anyone noticing, only to reappear years later and cause quite a fuss, it would look like this”, referring to his Kellie-mentioning tweet. This led to the aforementioned deletion.

Kellie Paulsen Nail Tweet Deleted
Evelyn Claire's deleted tweet