Adriana Chechik Temporarily Locked Out Of Twitter Over Header Picture

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Adult film star Adriana Chechik has been abruptly locked out of her Twitter account for having a profile header image the company deemed violates the “graphic violence or adult content rule”, forcing her to delete that profile field in order to regain access to the account.

Chechik (29) has over 830,000 followers on the platform - which she’s been a part of for 8 years this month. The actress addressed the matter, expressing her frustration: “How the f–k was my header against Twitter rules? It wasn’t Gracie and I was fully clothed. Nothing was showing and it had been up for months?!?”. She later added a second remark, merely asking: “Who’s hating?!?”

While the picture in question did not contain actual nudity, Twitter said any media that “may be intended to cause sexual arousal” can be considered adult content, thus justifying the temporary suspension. Adriana claims the image was present on her profile header for months without any action taken against it.

Recently, the Twitter community raised claims of differential treatment being applied to adult film workers compared to the more mainstream actresses who post similar images to millions of their followers.

Late last year, content creator Belle Delphine was banned from YouTube on similar grounds, but her ban was removed after a widespread uproar, with followers contacting YouTube and listing music video examples of singers such as Cardi B that had the same or even more revealing content, yet remained safely on their platform.

Adriana Chechik
Adriana Chechik attends the PornHub Awards in Los Angeles California on October 11, 2019 - photo by Glenn Francis