Evelyn Claire Lashes Out At Fake News, Then Deletes; Contemplates New Discord

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In a textbook case of psychological projection, Evelyn Claire launched a tweetstorm focused on the spreading of false information. In a series of tweets, Evelyn said:

It’s truly incredible looking inside someone’s mind and figuring out how they justify their actions. To be sure, only to fail so hard must be the toughest thing a person could go through next to loss of a loved one”.

Evelyn Claire Deleted Tweets

Evelyn continued:

Are you sure what you’re working for is even worth it? What if you have missed an important piece of information and the actions you’re taking are only going to make you a fool? Such a waste of time. You know what’s easier? Focusing on your own life and what’s happening in your own circle. Looking within and making yourself better, healing… that is more more productive”. “Spreading wrong information is not worth the time spent”.

Evelyn Claire Deleted Tweet

The tweets, later deleted by Evelyn, appear to reference the Evelyn Claire Encyclopedia. We agree with Evelyn – those who spread misinformation about her – including a fake hometown, birthdate and place of education – must feel like fools today. We’re proud of our efforts to correct those untruths, fill in the gaps, and add important pieces of information, changing course from having wrong information out there – to having the truth instead.

In related news, on her most recent stream, Evelyn said more than once she’s considering relaunching her Discord – “no promises”, though. As we previously reported, Evelyn’s Discord server (“Evelyn’s Degenerates”) was voluntarily shut down by her, citing overwhelming consumption of time. Evelyn then explained that being online 24/7 is hurtful for her brand, noting that the hours would be better spent on creating sexual content for profit.