“Cash Out!”: OnlyFans, MyFreeCams & AVN Investigation Reportedly Underway

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The rumor mill is going wild today as reports have surfaced suggesting an imminent publication of a journalistic investigation, allegedly accusing the founder of OnlyFans, MyFreeCams and AVN Stars of “very serious crimes”.

OnlyFans, MyFreeCams, AVN Stars

UPDATED: Award-winning adult performer Abigail Mac tweeted, “What happens if Onlyfans goes away? We move to a different platform. Build it back up and keep doing what we did before. Fans will follow where you go. We got this.

Most notably, Alana Evans, President of the Adult Performance Artists Guild, publicly called out performers, urging them to “get your money out”. She said that when the story hits, “it’s gonna cause some serious problems for our industry”.

Evans released a video on Twitter, titled “Why you need to cash out”, as well as follow-up text comments, where she revealed that the exposé is coming. “It’s not good”, she said. She claimed that she has seen the documents and that there are “very serious crimes” involved. According to Evans, the criminal investigation is money-related.

Reports also surfaced suggesting that some banks are already blocking deposits from OnlyFans, supposedly due to the story. “Performers are already having issues with their banks”, said Evans, also quoting at least one example of a worker who said the bank rejected her Onlyfans deposit.