“Pleasure” Available NOW For Online Streaming!

1 minute read

If you’re reading this on Saturday, February 6, 2021, and you hurry up, you might be in luck. As we’ve previously reported, Ninja Thyberg’s adult-film drama “Pleasure” premiered earlier this month at the Sundance Festival. However, most people were not able to actually watch the film, as viewing access required purchasing “virtual tickets” in advance, and by premiere day – they were all sold out.

If you missed the Sundance opportunity, the film is now being presented on another festival – Sweden’s Goteborg Film Festival – for a limited time. Digital festival passes are currently available. At time of publishing, and for the next eight hours (!), “Pleasure” can be streamed online at the Festival’s Website.

There are a few caveats, however:

  • The website is in Swedish, so the purchasing process might be tricky unless you know the language or manage to deal with automatic translations.
  • You have to purchase a digital festival pass in order to receive access, at the cost of 295 Swedish Kronas, which is about $35 USD.

The digital pass gives you access to watch “Pleasure” immediately, as well as 10 other nominated films. That’s about $3.2 per film. A small price to pay.

So if you want to witness Evelyn co-starring in “one scene” as a “cold af”, “uber-bitch rising star on the porn circuit”, there you have it. You can watch “Pleasure” online right now. Evelyn Claire Pleasure