Kellie Paulsen-Nail Documents Leaked In Database Breach

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Kellie Paulsen-Nail has been spotted in leaked documents from a database breach originating in servers of an American adult film company. With hundreds of documents involving dozens of industry names, the leaked files came as a result of mandatory document-keeping regulations, which evidently weren’t kept securely enough. Kellie’s files were included in a folder of a scene filmed in 2018 using the fake alias of “Evelyn Claire”.

As the contents of the files could possibly be confidential, we at law-abiding Evelyn Claire Encyclopedia have decided not to publish them. We have no interest in people using documents for any wrongdoing or identity theft, and concluded that the right thing to do is only publish information about the leak’s existence, rather than taking part in an actual leak. We do not condone such actions and share the disappointment of the relative parties who fall victims to such leaks. We will continue to post and report only about information that is legally available on public third-party information sources.

Out of respect for Kellie’s privacy, we’ve redacted the full file paths and blurred some of the content. Her files include the following:

  • REDACTED/REDACTED/X-XX-18 EVELYN CLAIRE/IDs/EVELYN CLAIRE/Kellie Paulsen-Nail IDS.pdf (2.20MB): Images of her legal identification documents. The “IDs” part of the leak affected dozens of performers, with high-quality scans of numerous identification methods, including passports, bank-issued credit cards, driver’s licenses, social security cards, pictures of the models holding some of these cards, birth certificates, and more.

  • REDACTED/REDACTED/X-XX-18 EVELYN CLAIRE/IDs/EVELYN CLAIRE/Kellie Paulsen-Nail 2257.pdf (2.51MB): A records-keeping compliant form pursuant to 18 U.S.C. § 2257, also known as the Child Protection and Obscenity Enforcement Act of 1988.

  • REDACTED/REDACTED/X-XX-18 EVELYN CLAIRE/IDs/EVELYN CLAIRE/Kellie Paulsen-Nail Model Release 1.pdf (3.04MB) and Kellie Paulsen-Nail Model Release 2.pdf (2.82MB): Two model release agreements including body measurements - liability waivers giving legal release of photos/videos to a publisher.

  • REDACTED/REDACTED/X-XX-18 EVELYN CLAIRE/Photos/00x-10x.jpg (13.26MB): 11 separate JPG files, showing images of Evelyn Claire.

  • REDACTED/REDACTED/X-XX-18 EVELYN CLAIRE/Trailer/XXX X-X-18 EVELYN CLAIRE_TRAILER.mp4 (230.10MB): A trailer for the finished scene.

  • REDACTED/REDACTED/X-XX-18 EVELYN CLAIRE/Video/XXX X-X-18 EVELYN CLAIRE_SCENE_REV.mp4 (7.50GB): The full-length produced scene.

Similar files were available for others involved in the scene – mainly Kellie’s two male companions, as well as a female extra – then a relative newbie who has since filmed dozens of professional scenes.

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