Evelyn Claire’s First Laser Tattoo Removal Session Goes Smoothly

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Evelyn Claire provided a status update Friday regarding her efforts to remove her forearm tattoo. Sharing thoughts and explaining after the first session, Evelyn said:

Okay, so, some of you don’t understand how laser works. First thing, it’s not going to take one session: my tattoo is still very, very visible. It can take up to a year for the treatments to completely break down the tattoo ink, and I have to wait eight weeks in-between each session to give my body a rejuvenation period, so that my immune system can handle all that and whatever the hell it is.

Evelyn Claire Tattoo Update

Evelyn then continued to explain the reasoning behind her decision:

So, the reason I want to remove this tattoo is not because I don’t like it, it’s because I never planned on finishing my half sleeve. At the time, when I was getting tattoos, I thought that I would have a good amount of ink, like, I… I thought I was gonna have a lot tattoos, um.. it was in a period of my life when I actually wanted to be a tattoo artist.