Evelyn Claire Deletes Recent Streams From Twitch

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Evelyn Claire has removed two of her most recent Twitch streams – both originally broadcast February 2 – for unclear reasons. Deleting Twitch streams, or Tweets for that matter, is not uncommon for Evelyn and is usually occurring after broadcasts where she was either crying, venting or otherwise acting in a way that could have negative reputational impact. Evelyn Claire deleted Twitch stream The most recently deleted streams, originally titled “I don’t wanna sit at my desk. LAZY IRL”, were broadcast from her bed using her iPhone, following a work day. The stream began while the chat was in emote-only mode, with Evelyn explaining that “Twitch is a scary place today”. Evelyn then proceeded to audibly call out her mods, waiting for at least one of them to show up before ordering the chat to be unlocked and able to speak under moderation.

EvelynClaire.WS raised two speculations as to possible reasons for these most recent deletions:

  1. During the stream, Evelyn half-jokingly said that everyone who donates money, sends “bits” or gifts subscriptions, will become her “sugar daddy”, adding: “I’m now abusing Twitch chat”. She then wondered if saying this is against Twitch’s Terms of Service.

  2. Evelyn also discussed her work-day on set, saying that the contract prohibits her from sharing who it was she worked for, but revealing that she got paid $500 for this presumably-mainstream gig, noting her frustration as she had to wake up early and work multiple hours, only to later discover she will actually appear on-screen for less than 60 seconds.

EvelynClaire.WS cannot independently confirm at this time whether Evelyn attended the set as Evelyn Claire or Kellie Paulsen. However, her model release forms are signed “Kellie Paulsen-Nail”.