Alina Lopez & Barbie Crystal Bail Out On Evelyn Claire’s Smutcast Podcast

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Scheduled guests Alina Lopez and Barbie Crystal bailed out on the third episode of Evelyn Claire’s Podcast, Smutcast.

Smutcast Podcast Ep3

The podcast ended up mainly having just 3 guests: Hime Marie, Charlotte Sartre and returning guest Jasper Ahptik. Near the end, Xander Corvus showed up as well.

Barbie Crystal had a time zone conflict and was not able to participate.

Alina Lopez wanted to be on the podcast, but refused to install Discord for that purpose – including when offered payment by Evelyn.

Hime Marie did manage to make it. She befriended Evelyn Claire circa 2017. Midway through, she got disconnected and was supposed to return - but never did. Luckily, Xander Corvus showed up instead.

The fourth installment of the podcast is currently scheduled for April 15.