City Data Shows Evelyn Claire’s Condo Info (PHOTOS!)

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While most people might search for Evelyn Claire’s Twitch joke, her OnlyFans or her BLACKED scene, we’ll focus on the public information available from city-data, zillow, redfin, trulia and realtor, which provides us with both a visual glimpse and other information concerning the home Evelyn Claire bought as Kellie Paulsen-Nail for her and her mother a few years back, after saving enough money from Chaturbate profits. The property valuation of W 6th Avenue, Apt #33, Spokane, shows the two proud owners: “KELLIE E / PAULSEN RHONDA PAULSEN-NAIL”. Paying $94,000 for what is now worth about twice as much, the 1,587 square feet land area appears to be a good investment, adding a nice chunk to Evelyn Claire’s net worth. Check out the photos below:

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