Evelyn Claire (real name Kellie Erin Paulsen-Nail) is an American sex worker/adult film actress/porn star and Twitch streamer from Spokane, Washington. She was born on April 11, 1996. She is known online as LuvEvelynClaire, OfficialEvelynClaire, evelynclaire and EvelynClurr. She recently appeared on the Sundance Festival 2021 film "Pleasure" by Ninja Thyberg.

Recent Posts

Evelyn Claire Deletes Recent Streams From Twitch

1 minute read

Evelyn Claire has removed two of her most recent Twitch streams – both originally broadcast February 2 – for unclear reasons. Deleting Twitch streams, or Twe...

Is Evelyn Claire An Anti-Vaxxer?

less than 1 minute read

Judging by the social media posts recently liked by Evelyn Claire, it appears she supposedly might be an anti-vaxxer.

About Evelyn Claire

Evelyn Claire is the stage name of Kellie Paulsen.

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