No Longer Our Little Secret; No More Preferential Treatment

1 minute read

Whether you know her as Evelyn Claire, Kellie Paulsen, Kellie Nail, Erin Paulsen, Erin Nail or whichever combination you choose, our subject matter holds a complex personality. Whether you watch her get tickled or listen to her on the scuffed podcast; whether you’re reading her bio or watching her HD scenes; whether you like her solo scenes or prefer some Jia Lissa on the side - you’ll always have multiple options to choose from.

As previously mentioned, the fanbase is split. Many of her porn fans who seek nude and feet pictures are not even aware of her additional internet persona. The only news they care about is “has she done interracial anal gangbang creampie yet? gimme my XXX POV!”. But as you can see, at EvelynClaire.WS we delve into the deeper depths of Evelyn Claire. You can always check IAFD for that other material.

Around here, you’ll find what Evelyn can surely appreciate - brutal honesty. What goes on behind the scenes, how things really work, what’s convenient to hide. People are fooled every day in that regard, and we’re here to share the wealth of information.

People often believe that if something is on the internet - it must be true. Until recently, people who looked up Evelyn Claire were fooled to believe she was born in Palm Springs, California, during the month of June, and that she studied in Alabama. That was all completely false – a result of an information mix-up between three different individuals: our Evelyn Claire, a different model who goes by Evelyn, and a reality TV personality. This has finally been corrected.